Logbook entry

21 Apr 3303
James Barrett /
Preparing for war (21/04/3303, Xing Hub)



(tapping the mic) Hey does this thing work at all? I bloody hope so.

I have decided to start these regular recordings in my Commander's Log. Maybe someone listening to this once I am gone will find it interesting. Or maybe I'll be able to send the whole bunch of these directly to the CEO of Asellus Primus Gold Legal Ind so that he or she understands that  - in the hindsight - messing with old James Barrett was a mistake?

I know they think I am pretty hot - headed. At least that's what is in my papers. But guess what.. I can also be pretty methodical, you suckers! And I have already began to put plans in motion that will make you regret you ever hired me. Not to mention signing me up for this whole "Cerberus" programme.

So, I think I have found a nice little station which I will call my home for now. One jump away from your HQ, but in low security system, with readily available black market. Prospect Five. Nice name, eh? Prospect Five.

I am also putting aside some credits for a new ship, as with the Adder you got me there ain't much I can do. But doing both official runs for APGLI and for some other contacts I made since I started to work, I managed to gather more than 1 million. And that means that soon I will be able to buy a nice Viper Mk4 and send it off to Prospect Five, where it will wait until the great day arrives.

My day of vengeance.

Sounds sweet, doesn't it? Sounds sooo sweet.

Do you like it?