Logbook entry

Dynahi / 30 Apr 3303


----- STANDBY -----


----- SUCCESS! -----



----- April 30, 3303 - 06:23 -----

IGNIS Command: Greetings, Wyvern Leader. How copy?

Wyvern 1: Communications stable, Command. We read you loud and clear.

IGNIS Command: Status report.

Wyvern 1: Currently conducting an inspection and repairs to the FSD due to overheating damage. We are currently holding at EAFOTS
                  OC-C C13-4 until repairs are complete before we continue on our way.

IGNIS Command: I must apologize, but we need you and your crew to make immediate haste towards your destination and rendezvous
                               with the recovery team ASAP.

Wyvern 1: I'm detecting that there's a serious problem?

IGNIS Command: Quite so.

Wyvern 1: Is that particular reason classified by any chance?

IGNIS Command: Not in particular, but it depends on how far you have caught up with current galactic history and affairs.

Wyvern 1: I've been trying to read as much as I can during my break on Earth, but do try me.

IGNIS Command: Does the name Kahina Tijani Loren, otherwise known as Salomé, ring a bell?

Wyvern 1: ...

IGNIS Command: Your silence is hardly assuring.

Wyvern 1: Well, I've read about her, yes. And I'm guessing the item you want us to retrieve from the recovery team has to do with her?

IGNIS Command: They are intricately linked.

Wyvern 1: May I inquire as to how and why?

IGNIS Command: We have received confirmation that she has been killed. Betrayed by those assigned to protect her. Without a doubt,
                               we believe her betrayers were put in place to silence her.

Wyvern 1: ...Well, this can't be good.

IGNIS Command: Whatever secret conspiracy she was going to reveal to the public probably went down with her, but we are still unsure  
                                if she predicted this outcome and prepared a contingency if met with death.

Wyvern 1: Hmmm....

IGNIS Command: However, three of her collaborators, Tsu Annabelle Singh, Raan Corsen and Yuri Nakamura, managed to get to their
                               destination safely. The information they provided lead our agents to the Teorge System where several logs were
                               discovered that seem to lift the veil on this conspiracy.

Wyvern 1: Well, that's good to hear...I think....

IGNIS Command: The item you are ordered to retrieve contains important information that we need in order to paint a clearer picture.
                               As for the haste, we have reason to believe that members of the group that betrayed Salomé are in a race to get
                               towards your destination and secure that information. I've already alerted the recovery team to be ready for combat.
                               You and your crew should be prepared for combat as well, but do make it a priority to get there before they do.

Wyvern 1: Understood.

IGNIS Command: I'm also sending a copy of the logs found in the Teorge System through the QEC. It should give you some insight on
                               how dire the situation is.

Wyvern 1: Thank you, Command. I'll give it a read.

IGNIS Command: I've just got a notification that the recovery team has arrived on site. All assets are in place; I just need the package.
                                Do get what I want.

Wyvern 1: As usual. We'll double time it on the repairs and head out with haste.

IGNIS Command: Watch your back out there, Wyvern Leader.

Wyvern 1: Will do.

IGNIS Command: Command out.



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