Logbook entry

Dynahi / 03 May 3303
Outgoing Call (Declassified/Decrypted) (May 3, 3303)


----- STANDBY -----

----- SUCCESS! -----





----- SUCCESS! -----



----- May 3, 3303 - 05:40 -----

Wyvern 1: This is Wyvern 1 to Raven 1. How copy?

Raven 1: This is Raven 1. The line is secure and clear. What's the holdup, Wyvern lead? Your ship was supposed to be here two days

Wyvern 1: We're having trouble with the navigational unit. Can't seem to establish a route with all the stars spread out further than
                  our maximum jump range and we have been going in zigzags and circles. Current position is Phoi Aescs UC-T c17-0.

Raven 1: Have you tried establishing a neutron star pathway?

Wyvern 1: Tried to establish one to the closest one from our position, which is located in Phoi Aescs ZJ-I d9-3. Navigational unit still
                  failed to create a route.

Raven 1: What's you ship's current jump range?

Wyvern 1: 34.44 light years.

Raven 1: Hmmm...I see...

Wyvern 1: We could try going towards the corner of grid -8,000:70:-6000 where the stars are more dense, but that trip will take us
                  longer to reach the Zurara.

Raven 1: Yeah, and IGNIS command stated that we need to hurry up with this operation, and we're already behind. The whole place
                gives me the creeps and feels haunted. Plus we have an unknown number of hostiles heading our way. The rest of the guys
                are a bit nervous from the whole thing.

Wyvern 1: And what's the status of the package?

Raven 1: Almost complete. Should be done anytime now.

Wyvern 1: Almost?

Raven 1: Yeah, a lot of the data files have been deleted by the crew, but not wiped from their internal storage. I have two teams
                recovering that data from different areas of the ship and transferring them to our drives, but it's taking longer than

Wyvern 1: What's the issue?

Raven 1: It's the varying size and type of files that's an issue. We're looking at rough total of about 672 petabytes worth of data on

Wyvern 1: Okay...that's a huge amount. My ship's internal data banks can't hold that much.

Raven 1: Which is why we have extremely tough physical storage drive canisters on board for you to put into your cargo hold, silly.

Wyvern 1: How many canisters do you have?

Raven 1: Seven.

Wyvern 1: I see. Okay then, what's the ETA for the file restoration and transfers?

Raven 1: Let me check with the teams. One second.

Wyvern 1: ... ... ... ... ...

Raven 1: Thank goodness they're almost done. I don't wanna be here any longer than I already have. Teams A and D are done and
                heading back to the ship, with Teams B and C doing one final sweep. Team E is the last team finishing up. They said they
                are done with the restoration and have about three minutes left in transferring the files.

Wyvern 1: Understood.

Raven 1: I'm glad that I'm leaving this tomb soon.

Wyvern 1: Alright, since my ship cannot get there, we'll have to switch to the later part of Plan B for the hand-off point.

Raven 1: Okay, I got it. I'm gonna start recalling the other teams back on board. Hmm...?

Wyvern 1: What is it?

Raven 1: A notice from one of the listening beacons I placed a few star systems out.

Wyvern 1: Could it be "them"...?

Raven 1: Could be anything, but I don't wanna find out who or what. Moving to high alert and preparing for immediate departure. Ravens 2
                and 3, move to supercruise and interception pattern "Kite". Interdict anyone coming towards the Zurara. Raven 4, head 5 clicks
                out; broadside orbital pattern. Team E, we need you on board, now!

Wyvern 1: Raven 1, I'm plotting a course to the hand-off point now. I will contact you when I arrive.

Raven 1: Well, if you don't hear from me in twenty minutes, something went horribly wrong!

Wyvern 1: Don't make it the case, Raven 1!

Raven 1: Murphy's Law, Wyvern 1! We'll improvise on the fly if need be!

Wyvern 1: Right, just get your ass moving.

Raven 1: Wilco, Wyvern 1. For Salomé! Raven Lead out.




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