Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 03 Sep 3303
A new beginning

How long, I ask myself.

It seems as though I have been fighting my entire life. Some with more of a mystical bent would say I have probably been fighting through several lifetimes. We are the same, just able to make different choices, as in this life and so through the next.

Who am I? I am CMDR August McKenna...but WHO am I, really?

Unfortunately for me, I am a man of unique, or at least rare skill set, in a wide galaxy full of worthy causes. I tell myself that chapter is finished...applying my efforts for others and their fickle vision, self-serving ambition, and most often insatiable greed.

Perhaps another cause awaits. I am in no hurry to find it.

I will find a new home out there in the black, somewhere. I have more credits than I'll ever need and a fleet of worthy ships at my disposal. This time I will serve myself.
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