Logbook entry

CMDR Aosto / 09 Jan 3304
Pirates in the Nemet star system

I've spent the last several days at Big Pappa's in the Andhrimi star system retrieving salvage cargo for The Paladin Consortium. The Consortium pays well for such services, and I was able to outfit the Cobra MK3 with a new frame-shift drive from the funds acquired during these low-risk delivery missions. The new drive has effectively doubled my jump distance capability(though the physical strain and warp sickness from these longer jumps is immediately apparent). After outfitting new hard-points, I took a high risk/high reward mission in the nearby Nemet system with the goal of obliterating twelve pilots aligned with the star system's local pirate faction. Though I generally consider myself a peaceful CMDR, I have no issue with clearing our galaxy of these sort of violent characters who pray on the weak and defenseless. I'm glad to say that although there were several hard fought exchanges, I have successfully eliminated the vermin and have left Nemet a more peaceful star system than I found it. Now docked back at Big Pappa's, I've collected the reward for my contract and also the bounty for the criminals who I've dispatched. Time to dock in the hanger and head to the nearest watering hole to drink off this headache.

CMDR Aosto
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