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Extremofire / 07 Feb 3304
Logbook: 7 Feb 3304; War in Yu Shun

I write this logbook in Yu Shun deep space, between the primary and secondary star. My warship that I am currently piloting, the combat-fitted Fer-de-Lance LLV Buccina, is a bit worse for wear. Nothing too catastrophic though. There are microfractures in the canopy, however, and my oxygen is allegedly going to deplete in an hour. I would prefer not to land, though; a war has begun and I just need some time to myself.

The Legion has continued to carry out operations for the Yu Shun Imperial Society over the weekend. Coordinating operations via physical data drops is a monumental task, but the Legionnaires have faithfully assisted the Imperial Society in doing so. This way, we can maintain operational security from prying eyes, especially from the data relay beacons controlled by the dictatorship. However, yesterday afternoon, things took an interesting turn.


6 Feb 3304, 1418

I was working on my terminal in my temporary private quarters on Argelander, monitoring Legion communications. Suddenly, the outpost was shaken by what sounded like a collision. I sat up, alert. A steady trill sounded over the loudspeakers, accompanied by the frantic voice of an operations officer, "Medical personnel and security to medium pad."

I got up and left the habitation wing, following the commotion. Some left their tents to follow, some zipped them up, but the numerous station security guards were all running to the scene. As I made my way with security to the landing pad, I saw a congregation of medical personnel and engineers huddled around the door to the pad bay. One medical officer approached me and saluted. "Praetor, sir. There appears to have been a crash landing by an Imperial Society ship. We're bringing the pad down soon, but the mechanism is damaged. It will be a while," he said, hurriedly. "Is there anything I can do to help, officer?" He shook his head. "No, sir. The engineers are working the best they can." I nodded, and turned around to see Patron Marley Guerrero briskly walking towards the scene. "Operations detected a crashed ship. What's the status, officer?" The medical officer repeated, "We're trying to bring the pad down, ma'am. The gear track is bent from the collision." Without skipping a beat, Marley responded, "Very well. Bring the pilot to medical immediately when you're done." The officer saluted. Marley turned to me, smiled, and said "Afternoon, Praetor. It seems we have a situation. Come with me to the operations tower." I motioned for her to lead the way. Taking numerous corridors and passageways, we eventually ended in a lift heading into the operations tower. "My Chief Operations Manager, Robert, might have information for us. I suspect we're under attack."

The tower overlooked a small recreational vista with model ships, as well as the small landing pads. Smoke from what I could only assume was the wrecked ship seemed to plague the space beneath us; the medium pad was obstructed from view. Marley pointed to an operations worker sitting at a terminal with numerous monitors. "Robert, have we detected any collections of ships in the area?" Robert spun around in his chair. "Yes, ma'am. There seems to be a group of frame shift ion trails orbiting A 8."

"Can you contact them?" Marley asked. "Ma'am, we're actually receiving a text message from around the planet now," Robert replied. "What does it say?" asked Marley. Robert looked at his terminal, reading from a strangely small window. "It's from Purple Natural." Marley furrowed her eyebrows. "Purple Natural? What would they want with us?" Robert stared blankly at his terminal. "Well, what does it say?" Marley repeated, beginning to look worried. Robert turned around, looking defeated. "It's just two lines line of text, ma'am. It says, 'A threat to a major supplier is a threat to Purple Natural. Consider this official declaration of war." A couple alert beeps on Robert's terminal brought his attention back to the screen. "Ma'am, they've engaged some Imperial Society freighters in orbit around the planet!" Robert barked. "Scramble the fleet. They aren't getting away with this." She motioned to me. "Praetor, you're with me. We're going back down to my office." I nodded. "Lead the way."

We got in the lift for the lower level. The whole situation was suspicious. I couldn't resist but asking. "Marley, the Purple Natural corporation has been here almost as long as the Imperial Society has. Even if, and I hope this isn't the case, they got wind of our operation, and have sided with the Inquisition, why would they do this so suddenly after so many years of peace?" Marley looked disturbed and angry. "They wouldn't. I don't think this is normal. We have great relations with Purple Natural and they supply the majority of our hydrogen fuel. Hell, the Imperial Society is their biggest customer." The lift doors opened, and we quickly walked towards her office. Marley continued, "This is either an attempt to frame Purple Natural, or is the actions of a few corrupt officials protecting their ties with the dictatorship. Goddamn corporate heads. Even as Imperials, they're willing to die for their money." We entered her office. She sat at her desk, and I sat opposite of her. She quickly began typing on her terminal. "Either way, we have two problems. One, our ships are being attacked, and that is to be addressed immediately. Two, if they have concrete knowledge of our operation, they could transmit those plans to the false Inquisition at any time. I'm going to try to contact a Purple Natural executive, but it's clear that those ships attacking our freighters have hostile intent, and one may hold our operational plans, if they indeed have them. We need the Legion to defend our fleet." I stood up. "You can count on us, Patron. Those greedy rats have signed their death warrants, and I will personally ensure their destruction." She smiled. "Good. Robert is likely deploying the defense force to where our ships are being attacked. I'll notify the force of Legion reinforcements. Ave, Praetor. Hopefully that pilot can give us some answers when he or she is rescued." She saluted. "Ave, Patron."

I headed to dock and boarded my glorious LLV Buccina. I accessed my comms panel, and sent out a general order:

Attention, Legion. Imperial Society ships have been attacked by Purple Natural Corporation ships. We believe this may be a contingent of corrupt employees, and that they may have knowledge of our operations. You are to assist the Imperial Society in defense of their ships, and to destroy any Purple Natural ships in conflict with Imperial Society ships. Prima Justicia, Legion.

The landing pad rose to the surface, and my warship blazed into the distance. I yearned for battle, and it was clear that battle was eager to provide.
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