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Dynahi / 02 Mar 3304


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----- February 28, 3304 - 17:23 -----

IGNIS Command: Greetings, Wyvern Leader. How copy?

Wyvern 1: Communications stable, Command. I read you loud and clear. Good to hear your voice again.

IGNIS Command: The same to you. After six months in your deep space mission it's glad to have you back. What's your status?

Wyvern 1: Currently undergoing repairs at New Growth in the Pencil Sector before heading back towards the occupied bubble.

IGNIS Command: I see. I must apologize, but we're going to have to hold off on you and your crew's homecoming a bit longer.

Wyvern 1: Another mission so fast?

IGNIS Command: You'll get your vacation days, but this is top priority; and seeing that you're already in that area you can assist our assets already at Guardian sites.

Wyvern 1: That's...hardly new...

IGNIS Command: There's more. These sites are different from the rest.

Wyvern 1: How so?

IGNIS Command: Unique architecture and layouts for one, particularly the Pylons and, according to our teams on the ground, a floating data core orb that we have called an Ancient Data Terminal.  What we're more intrigued with are the Sentinel drones that pop up near several of the Pylons and after the Ancient Data Terminal powers down.

Wyvern 1: Sentinel drones? Like the scavengers that we found on Thargoid Surface Sites?

IGNIS Command: Yes, but these are constantly aggressive and shoot on sight. Destroying them would land you materials, but that's not we want you to do entirely.

Wyvern 1: So you want me to somehow bring one or more back intact?

IGNIS Command: It's nice that you have good intuition, but yes. That is basically your mission right there. However, we require a minimum of four for this assignment. Two of which will go to us, but the other two need to be delivered at Felice Dock in the Meene System.

Wyvern 1: Ram Tah I would assume?

IGNIS Command: Correct. I'm sure he would be happy to see you again.

Wyvern 1: Oh joy... Any tips on taking these Sentinels intact?

IGNIS Command: That's the fun part because it's up to you to find out how. I do enjoy giving you the fun missions.

Wyvern 1: That still doesn't help much...

IGNIS Command: Well, if you want to be on easy mode, your youngest crew member, Ten-O, might have a way.

Wyvern 1: (Ugandan Accent) Yes. He might know de wae.

IGNIS Command: ...What was that? Something you retained while you were alive in the 21st century?

Wyvern 1: Eh...it's a meme that was amusing at the time but died quickly...

IGNIS Command: Well, you live in 'de now'. So I suggest you focus on the matter at hand.

Wyvern 1: Yes, Command. I will consult with him. For a kid he is eager to prove himself, but I don't want to put too much pressure on him.

IGNIS Command: Well, he's pretty impressive for a bio-synthetic organism. I'm confident that you both will find a solution.

Wyvern 1: We'll get right on it after repairs are complete and the ship resupplied.

IGNIS Command: Alright, as for the location you are to rendezvous with Hornet and Tiger squadrons at Synuefe EU-Q c21-10 Planet A3. Ram Tah's site locator program should lead you to the site. Begin work immediately upon arrival. Mission run time is two weeks.

Wyvern 1: Understood Command. Will do.

IGNIS Command: I'm sending you the full mission details and data on the new sites to you now for review and for the record. Have 'fun' out here. Command out.



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