Logbook entry

Leon Falkner / 22 May 3304
Rogue Ops 2 - Denial

[[5 Days Ago]]

Fifteen jumps later, Leon was far enough that even the most dogged pursuit would have lost him, or had to turn back to refuel long ago. His hands felt numb has he released the flight controls. He was safe. He began to hyperventilate. He was free. He was a criminal.

“This isn’t happening. That didn’t happen. This isn’t happening... ” He said to no one. He voice was haggard, raspy and wavering. He repeated it over and over as the ship drifted through the system.

He can’t be dead. That didn’t happen. He thought. The thought felt alien, hollow. He was clinging to it like a lifeline. He needed a plan. He needed a goal, somewhere to go. He couldn’t go back. Could he just go back and pretend like nothing had happened? Keep working as a mercenary? He turned the ship, tapping the navigation panel to bring up the familiar sphere of the Mikunn stars.

His hand hovered over panel. The words were blurring.

No. I have to get somewhere safe. He thought. But something within him refused.

Leon doubled over his head thumping to the dashboard. The stars stared down without pity as Leon let the emotions come.

Tears floated away from him. Small motes floating around the cockpit, a trail of grief glittering in the light of twin suns.
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