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Kaparov / 25 Jun 3304
PERSONAL LOG #2 - 25 JUN 3304

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Turns out they weren't wrong. Station was an absolute mess inside. Took me some time, but I managed to move a few thousand people off. And boy, let me tell you: they were scared. You got families offering their whole life savings to get off this station. Not that I'd take them up on that, especially after the whole Macushi fiasco, but they're willing to give anything to get out of there.

I can't... I can't shake this feeling that there's something fishy going on. GalNet's eating up everything to do with Aegis and the commanders "defending the bubble." You ever heard of something so black and white? Ever heard of something with so little nuance? Reminds me of the shit that pirates feed a system after they've done fucked a ruling party.

Somebody, maybe some bodies, out there- they want us to be afraid. United in fear against a common cause, behind one group with no accountability. "Heroes," they'll call us. "Heroes" until they're done with us, 'till they're done with us and we're the ones stranded on a rock.

If you ask me, the best thing we can be do is get people out of these starports. Repair them? No, leave them be. Stand our ground in a place we belong, not some two-hundred light year long streak of ground between us and some other civilization's claim. But what do I know? We've done "pushed" them back to Bhal. Guess that's where they're gonna stay 'till we don't need them anymore.

Or until they decide they're sick of our shit. We'll see what comes first.

Either way, I'll be heading out tomorrow morning. I need to get back to Macushi and talk to the others. I'm sure I'll have something new for the logs by then.


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