Logbook entry

Dynahi / 26 Jun 3304


----- STANDBY -----


----- STANDBY -----


----- SUCCESS! -----




----- June 25, 3304 - 08:03 -----

Ram Tah: Ah, I finally got you! You're not an easy man to get a hold of, you know. Are the brass of the Pilot's Federation pushing you with
                more covert operations? Ha-ha-ha, I jest! I jest!

Dynahi: Well, um...right... Anyway, I was on leave for a bit and I'm back on duty today so...

Ram Tah: You're coming over to visit me! How thoughtful of you.

Dynahi: Wait...uh... Th-that's not really the case. I'm on orders to head to the Faulcon DeLacy Shipyards to...wait, why are we on an
              encrypted line...and how did you get my private QEC ?

Ram Tah: That's not important. Well...maybe it is, but...well...anyway...

Dynahi: *sigh* ...There's something you want from me, is it?

Ram Tah: Yes! And I've been trying to get a hold of you for months now!

Dynahi: ...Seriously? Just contact my superiors and they will probably post it to me as a mission or something. I mean you also  have an
             army of people working under you, and you specifically need me when one of them could've helped you?

Ram Tah: Well, I did made a formal request that was supposed to get to you, but from the sound of things, it didn't yet. Technically it's not
                you specifically...sort of...but it's directly linked to you.

Dynahi: ...It's Ten-O, isn't it?

Ram Tah: Bingo!

Dynahi: Well...

Ram Tah: He's still not fine now, isn't he?

Dynahi: Yeah... He's still not exactly fine. He still blames himself for the deaths of seventeen of my crew members and your twelve
             researchers after linking with that Guardian Sentinel. He was cleared for active duty, but it took me a while to convince him to get
             back in a ship today for that matter.

Ram Tah: Ah, yes. That was tragic, no doubt; but with that Sentinel I was able to further progress multiple Guardian module developments,
                and I really, really need you to bring him to my facility.

Dynahi: Why are you so pushy?

Ram Tah: Okay, okay,  calm down. Look,  the thing is that I'm on a deadline...which is in a few days...and I need him to assist something
                with me so I can get these out to our fellow pilots. Hell, I'll make it worth your while and install my new toys into your ship...or
                ships...free of charge...because you're my favorite pilot.

Dynahi: You say that to every other pilot you have working for you...

Ram Tah: Well, considering that many pilots will need the stuff I'm developing, you are my favorite.

Dynahi: For now anyway.

Ram Tah: Eh...more or less true. I would say top ten...ish.

Dynahi: ...*sigh*...I'll try to convince him.

Ram Tah: Oh please do. If you do, The Longinus and every other ship in your fleet will have new equipment. The Longinus is space worthy
                now, isn't she? I mean...I knew the Sentinel fired missiles inside the cargo bay...the poor Anaconda.

Dynahi: She is, but I was granted two new ships today: the Valkyrion, an Imperial Cutter; and the Gungnir, a Federal Corvette.
              Both have just completed their trials last week, and I will be in the Gungnir. I was supposed to go out to the Faulcon Delacy
              Shipyards for two more new ships to be added to the fleet in a few days. We're not supposed to fly them yet, but I.G.N.I.S.
              Command wanted us to take a look at them before they are available to the public. See for yourself.

Ram Tah: Oh! Is that the new Krait Mk.2?

Dynahi: Yup.

Ram Tah: What about the Challenger?

Dynahi: We won't have those...yet....

Ram Tah: Ah, my new toys for your new toys. Fun playtime ahead I'm sure.

Dynahi: I guess so. That is if I can convince him.


Dynahi: ...

Ram Tah: ...

*Computer Beeping Sounds*

Dynahi: Hmmm... It's your request. It has been set as Priority One. I guess that's that.

Ram Tah: How convenient. Then I shall await your arrival.

Dynahi: I'm just worried that he might not like this. He's still...fragile. Ten-O will still need convincing.

Ram Tah: Look, let me try to talk to him face to face when you guys get here. I'll see if I can convince him myself.

Dynahi: You're welcome to try.

*Door Opens and closes with a  Woosh/Hiss sound effect*

Ten-O: Dad...I mean, Admiral... All crew members are at their stations and ship ready to get under way. Engineering reports that all systems
            are green. The Valkyrion, Longinus, Campanella and Haribon all report green and standing by awaiting orders.

Dynahi: Thank you, Ten. Report back to your station...and knock next time. What do I keep telling you, cadet?

Ten-O: Yes, Dad...I mean Sir! Sorry, Sir!

*Door Opens and closes with a  Woosh/Hiss sound effect*

Dynahi: Crap, I thought I had that locked...

Ram Tah: Aww, he called you Dad.

Dynahi: *grumbling* Shut it.

Ram Tah: I wonder if I can have him call me uncle.

Dynahi: *deadpan* Ha...ha...ha... Yeah I'm done.

Ram Tah: See you s...





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