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Kaparov / 01 Jul 3304
PERSONAL LOG #3 - 1 JUL 3304

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Ah hell, it's been a long week.

I jumped to Deciat a few days ago alongside every other Commander in the galaxy, looking for the "large numbers of Thargoid vessels" invading the system. What do I see? Civil war. See a lot of us killing us, above planets and outside stations. They say it's something between the uh, ahh... "Deciat Corporation?" The Deciat Corporation and a system born dictatorship. Nothing personal, I'm sure.

Of course there were two megaships as well, each disabled and left for emergency services to pick out their crew. I think I did my duty in gathering as many escape pods as I could before heading out, but I couldn't help but wonder about the rate of casualties in the Thargoid attack versus those above Deciat 6.

Death's not fine. I don't like seeing a man or woman die as much as anyone else. Hell, I'd like to think I like it less, but when I see these things side by side in the same god damn system, I wonder why we're painting the 'Goids as the demons.


There was a mix-up on my second run around, and system security got me twisted with some other fella messing with data arrays. Wound up getting towed to the Champion of Piety and waiting around to pay off some fee for something I didn't even do. What type of name is that, anyway? "Champion of Piety."

I bet some schmuck from the Federation named the damn thing.


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