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Roober the Stroober / 01 Jul 3304
Pilgrim's Progress: Stage 1 Complete

After honking, scooping, scanning, rinsing and repeating for 7,500 light years, a pilot may get a little nervous when it comes time to dock at a Coriolis without a DC. However, the approach to pad 7 at Base Camp in the Soul Sector went off without a hitch.

So, it is just like riding a bicycle.

At the end of the day I had turned in over 108 million in cartographic data and over 400 discovery claims while sustaining only 48 percent hull degradation. I would say that Pilgrim-5 performed her duties marvelously. She carried me from the bubble to the rift while forgiving me, more than once, for the occasional bumpy landing. I'm right proud of this ship and I'm looking forward to the next leg of our journey together.

But for now, it's time for a real shower, real food, and a real bed.

Light Speed Commanders! o7

Roober the Stroober | Commanding Officer | 03-ASX "Pilgrim-5"
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01 Jul 3304
Pilgrim's Progress: Stage 1 Complete
Roober the Stroober
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