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Kenta Nakamura / 04 Jul 3304
Exploration Marathon Day 3

**July 3rd, 3304, Thursday**

Day three of my marathon through the Hyades system. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing anymore. Why the hell did I get myself into this mess? More importantly who's ingenious idea was this? The course was simple. Get a lay of the land. Didn't seem like much. Perhaps a week at most. But I was off. Not only is my Map having issues logging the data on the stellar map I've also missed a few systems and had some already logged.

Really need to keep better logs of systems I've mapped out. But thanks to the Fuel Rats I learned a valuable lesson in why it's important to get Fuel Scoops..... Twice.....

It's quite embarrassing having to call them but I'm always grateful for their help. Otherwise I'd still be in Fenrir Cruiser (KE-30D) sitting in the middle of the COL System with an empty fuel tank and a VIP yelling in my face. She was such a prick too having me fly her out in the middle of no where looking for geysers.... Let alone she wanted to be flying first class!

Damn VIP's I swear some of them don't respect us Commanders. It's not hard to "Accidentally" turn off my atmosphere in the ship and watch her suffocate. I got 25 Minutes of breathing time before running into issues woman.... But I have to keep my cool and thank god it was over before I started thinking it wasn't worth the credits.

Moving on with the "Marathon" mapping out everything from within 100 light years of 18 Puppis has been a royal pain. But at least I have Galnet News and my radio to keep me entertained during the flight... And if it wasn't for this trip I wouldn't have seen this:

Took this during my run through the systems in Fenrir Cruiser.

It reminds me that while this universe can be dangerous with the Thargoids running around but at the same time you can see some of the most beautiful stars in the galaxy.... I just hope I never run into Thargoids... Considering what I've read they're insanely hard to destroy let alone survive an encounter against. And I know Fenrir III (FR-45C) is too under equipped from what I've heard from other pilots.... No surprise though... I didn't modify Fenrir III to be a fighter ship. It's just meant to be a transport/explorer ship... I mean how much damage can you really do to the Thargoids with only two Medium Points and two Small Points?

But for now I need to keep my head on and not live in fear until they actually are within range of me.... Least for now I can get some rest on this moon.

Do you like it?

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