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Kenta Nakamura / 09 Jul 3304
Exploration Marathon End

**July 8th, 3304, Tuesday**

I can't believe this crap. I received a message shortly after I reached a third of the Marathon that the scientists wanted and they then call me to tell me the project has been scrapped! What a load of bullshit! Funding was cut apparently but they agreed to pay me what I had completed.... Had I'd of finished the marathon I'd of been 150 Million credits richer. I'm sure of it!

I can't complain too much. The payout was a whopping 54 Million for what I had at least. So it was enough to buy the Orca, now named Fenrir Cruiser II (FC-246), and sell Fenrir Cruiser I. Very original names I'm sure but I don't like calling them anything else. I'll probably get into details on a future log whenever I have time for the story.

But once again I'm the chauffeur for some rich politician. They wanted Tea and when I finally got to a station with it, and mind you already bought it and stored it, he tells me he no longer wants it. THE BASTARD! I'm not buying these supplies for myself!

I took the 5.9 million or whatever credits he gave me and left his useless prick there. Once more when I was flying through a station on my way through to the geysers a damn Federal Gunship group suddenly started firing on me INSIDE OF THE STATION! (**AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was from another group of players when I was coming in. It was quite odd considering I didn't do anything to provoke them**)

Luckily though the station had my back and I watched them scatter as security ships dealt with them. Though as I was entering Balandin Gateway in Rhea I noticed two MASSIVE ships hanging out in front of the station. They were huge. Way larger than any ship I've seen before. I want to say a Federal Corvette was half the size of these two ships. If this is what Felica Winters is negotiating with I'm glad I'm not opposed to her operations. She seems to be looking out for traders and transporters like myself. Though I have yet to officially support her. I just don't think Fenrir III, IV and Cruiser II can be much support for her in the power struggles. But she is the highest ranking Federation superpower right now. And again it reflects positively on my payroll. So hopefully she'll stay in power for quite awhile.... At least while I can still benefit off of her successful systems.

For now though it's time to take a much needed shower. Stars really make me cook fast and get sweaty. Gotta take care of myself as much as I do my ships.

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