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Kaparov / 09 Jul 3304
PERSONAL LOG #6 - 9 JUL 3304

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You know, I left my last entry thinking about the importance of self reliance when it comes to your own ship. I've shed blood and tears over my earnings, so why trust them to a station? Why trust them to anyone that I'm not sure of? Donovan's been doing well aboard the Beowulf, and I think it's time to let him know that he's welcome to stick around. He's been reliable so far. I'd trust him with routine maintenance.

He's up to Deadly with the Pilot's Federation, a long shot from when I picked him up at Harmless. But something tells me he's not used to this line of work. Yeah, his call to fame was in escorting refugees out of Amirite some years back. I think that kept him sated for awhile. Stuffed on his own renown. We can all ride that wave, but when it starts to fade, we're left to chase the high again. One more war, one more discovery, one more handful of successful operations. It doesn't end. We eat and eat, we grow fat and gluttonous, yet we never stay full.

And I can see that in him. Guy never shut up about Amirite until we reached our first CZ, then it was back to reality. It's easy to live in past accomplishments, hard to live up to them on a day to day basis. He doesn't talk much about Amirite anymore. Doesn't talk much about what we had to do in Guroji, either. I can say I worry about what's on his mind, honestly, but I don't often have the energy to say anything about it.


I'll check back in soon, maybe with an update to Donovan's file if he stays onboard. He and Beowulf are docked over in BD-72 545 right now. Might as well give him the go-ahead to get started on a maintenance routine.

Kaparov out.


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