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Orion Starhunter / 25 Aug 3304
Commander's Log Entry: August 24th, 3304 01:38 Hours

U.S.S. Discovery Mission Log -
Commander Orion Starhunter - Commanding Officer

A wise man once told me, "Until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain to change, we tend not to change."

This wise statement kept running through my head from an old friend while sitting at Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dehzra.
It seems that both myself and the crew of the Discovery have been stuck repeating the same tasks with no change in our routine. Running cargo missions, chasing down pirates, the same basic grind over and over again until we became numb to each new mission, repeating the same thing.

This was when I decided to change our routine, ending the pain of the same old routine, and plot a course to Colonia. While we have been to Jaques Station once before, this time it's merely a pit stop on our way to something much bigger than most have dared to venture out to see. Starting our leg heading to Hillary Depot in Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, we are heading to Sagittarius A, the massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Why the change you may ask? The answer is actually simple. We are explorers at heart. The ability to see new stars, nebula, planets, and the unknown is what drives us, what satisfies our curiosity. I have come to a very realistic fact. If you continue the daily grind and neglect to satisfy your curiosities, your dreams, and do the things you love to do, something happens to you. You get rigid, bitter, angry, and worst of all, unfocused. Without focus, one cannot feel as though they are making a difference in their lives. In essence, you die inside.

Focus gives you a sense of purpose. Without purpose, the rest of the things we do don't matter. Whether it's working the daily grind of running cargo for the Federation, hunting down pirates for the Empire, or helping the people stuck in a station that was attacked by the Thargoids, if you don't take the time out of all this to satisfy your wants and needs, none of the rest of it matters. Not your ship, your crew, or even yourself.

The pain to change all this eventually won out, and we set out to see the largest black hole known in existence. In doing so, we are breaking away from the pain of remaining the same. We are feeding our curiosity, and we are doing what most rarely do. We are living.

I would like to thank this old friend of mine. Thank you Jason. Your words of wisdom have helped me realize that when you lock yourself into doing the daily grind, even if what you do simply pays the bills, it's not living. Do what you aspire to do, what you love doing, and this will let you live your life to it's fullest.

Commander Orion Starhunter
U.S.S. Discovery
Imperial Clipper Class Starship

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