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Orion Starhunter / 03 Sep 3304
Commander's Log Entry: September 3rd, 3304 18:49 Hours

U.S.S. Discovery Mission Log -
Commander Orion Starhunter - Commanding Officer
Location: Jameson Memorial Station
Commander's Personal Entry:

I still have the ringing of the computer in my ears. "Warning Ship Under Attack", and the evil look of those damned sentinels.
This was completely different than the exploration of the Guardian Ruins. Things didn't jump out at you (with the exception of the pillars that had the Relics at the top).

I've never seen a structure like this. From the data we gathered, the Guardians were in a civil war regarding the use of Technology vs Religion. I wasn't prepared for the sophistication of their technological achievements.
The Guardian Sentinels who protected the area were surprisingly aggressive. Unlike the Thargoids, backing away didn't make them stand down. It was as if there was an artificial intelligence at work, realizing my Scarab wasn't the only thing there. They attacked the ship too.

Unlocking the puzzle to activate the machine was very interesting. Six pillars that require activation trigger a central core that a very large, blue, glowing, orb will come out of. I'm not sure what purpose it serves, or what it's intended for, but all the same I did scan the shit out of it. The Guardians seem to be a more interesting species than I originally thought. While the research we've done suggests their extinction, I have to say the scientific and logical side of me is thinking otherwise.

What I find extremely interesting is the emergence of all this new Guardian Technology. Frameshift Drive Boosters, Weapons, Power Plants, Power Distributors, all suddenly appearing. The big question is why? Why after all these years would this technology suddenly appear, these Guardian Structures suddenly show themselves after many commanders have been out in the systems and scanned the ruins, only to show no structures at that time. Yes, Why?

If I had to make a logical guess based on the information I have to go by, including the history of the Thargoids, I'd have to say that the Guardians didn't die out like we've been led to believe. I think they are in hiding. The universal question is, will they show themselves and do what the Thargoids did? Randomly pull us out of witch space, examine our ships? Better yet, will some commanders loose their shit and open fire on them, creating yet another enemy for the Humans?

Well one thing is for certain, we did obtain the materials to get a Guardian Frameshift Booster installed on the Discovery. We've increased our jump range on her from 39 light years to 49 light years for a class 4 module. I'm rather curious to see if we can drop a class 6 module in her and what her jump range will be.

Right now I'm upgrading the software for Discovery, which include a new advanced operating system, new scanning algorithms, and new FSD Software. Since I know this is going to take some time, I decided to reflect on our last outing. Maybe whoever reads this will be forewarned of the dangers involved in obtaining Guardian materials to get the items they desire for their ships.

I'm off to spend time with my wife, Trysha Starhunter, and enjoy the rest of this Labor Day. Yes I know, an old American Holiday, but for some reason it's stuck. What can I say, I was born on Earth, some traditions die hard.

More later as it happens.

Commander Orion Starhunter
U.S.S. Discovery
Imperial Clipper Class Starship
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