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Thalikor / 12 Sep 3304
Starlog - Entry 11 - 12 September, 3304

<Ship's Audio//Now Playing: Daft Punk - Motherboard>

I dunno what it is about this classical music, sometimes feel like all the best music has already been written, I don't buy into all this new shit.

Think it's time to come clean... This whole defection thing was the kid's plan. Told me his name is Atkins, he did have proof that I jettisoned Decker and killed the hacker, and figured I wouldn't be able to say "no" to his plan. He was right... He got Chris to call me with the proposition, told me I'd be sent to a penal colony if I didn't play ball, no charges filed if I did. Empire upgraded their firmware on the Cutters, Feds wanted the latest version to study, try to reverse engineer it. Needed a cover story for why I'd defected or the imperials wouldn't have let me in. Shot up through the ranks cause I was willing to take the jobs no one else would...

Final task was getting one of the new experimental Cutters with the upgraded firmware. Chris flew me out to pick it up, I guess something went wrong with his fake ID. Imps scanned him and recognized him as a Federal Security Agent, barely had time to get my FSD charged before his cockpit breached... I saw his face, right before his ship exploded... Orion, we still got bourbon? Pour me another one would ya? Thanks.

. . . . Kid got a promotion when I got back with the firmware. All it cost was a good man... What the hell are we doing out here? Maybe we should have done the galaxy a favor, destroyed ourselves on Earth. Wouldn't be out here turning space into our petty little battlefield. Here's to you Chris, if there is an afterlife I hope it's better than this shit...

On the plus side, told them I'd only do it if I got to keep the ship after uploading the firmware on the Federal servers. She's a good ship, got big plans for her. Already spent probably a billion credits outfitting her and run from one side of the bubble to the other gathering up the materials to have a bunch of specialists engineer the hell out of it. Wonder if this whole thing was worth it...

Orion, hit the lights for me, gonna sleep here, make for the station in the morning. Wake me up if anything shows up on the sensors.

(end of log)
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