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Marra Morgana / 12 Sep 3304
The Alpha and the Omega: Act III | Chapter 8


Arcturus Morgana had aged, his former thinness now the filled-out form of a man, muscular but by no means obese. Silver now mixed among the black of his thick hair, and lines defined his ruddy face. He was old, though still energetic and cunning. There was little time for reconciliation between him and Sola. With the surety of one long used to command he gave his orders, evacuating his mother and siblings to the safety of Dinas Wrach. Then he unleashed his fleet upon the intruders, destroying them to a man.

A great purge commenced. The fighting power of the rebellious alliance was broken, and Arcturus went from system to system, cruelly demanding that the Matriarchs and Patriarchs who had dared rise against his mother be put to death. Failure to do so meant ship-class weaponry being unleashed upon the clan’s capitol settlement. He needed to prove himself only once. After that, the heads of those who had taken arms against the Morgana hegemony began rolling on their own.

The Clan Morgana had triumphed, redeemed by the efforts of its long-lost son.

Yet Arcturus had returned alone, with Aelina no longer at his side. It was with great sorrow that he related the tale of her passing, the warrior woman as fond of risky chances as he was. It had only been a handful of years after his exile that she’d been taken from him, blasted apart by ruthless mercenaries. In all that time Arcturus had never taken another mate, though he was accompanied by several bastards of varying ages, some whose mothers had been willing conquests and others not. The light in Arcturus’s soul had died with Aelina, and the poison- no longer held at bay- filled the hole as it had in his youth.

Thus did the prodigal son return to the fold, the perfect ruthless enforcer for his mother’s wizened rule. There would be a reckoning, he promised, one the likes of which Pegasi had never seen. It was a far cry from the last time he’d walked Sola’s Inner Sanctum, and not even the high Priestesses dared conspire against him.

The Clan Morgana was whole again, and Sola its victorious Matriarch.

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