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Mimic / 12 Sep 3304
Laying low in Sol

September 12th, 3304
Abraham Lincoln, Sol

So I took a little adventure down into Imperial territory. Namely, territory belonging to that old witch, Zemina Torval. Can't remember what system I was in exactly, but it was close to her home system. Crept around for a while until I found some poor little Type-7's allied with her. So I interdicted them, wiped them out, and cleared out of the area before the system defense forces could show up. Collected a nice little bounty on my head of 16,500 Credits, too. Not exactly anything to brag about, as I've seen bounties in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions on some of the boards of different stations, but still. So after getting caught in an unrelated pirate ambush and almost turned into space toast, I limped my ass back to LHS 2106 for repairs. Despite being in Federation territory once more, a ship allied with Torval attempted to interdict me as I was heading towards Gooch Vision.

I managed to avoid the interdiction, dock, refuel, and head off to Rhea to turn in some merits I'd earned from destroying those pathetic little cargo ships. I got interdicted by another Imperial agent there, too! In the heart of Felicia Winters' territory! Naturally, I managed to avoid getting towed in, but that shit had me a little nervous. I wasn't safe in LHS 2106, I wasn't safe in Rhea. So I traveled to a place I know I can lay low: Sol. The heart of the Federation as a whole AND permit locked. I doubt any Imperial regular has the reputation needed with the Federation to gain a permit to humanity's cradle. Save for maybe diplomats. I rented an apartment at Abraham Lincoln station and I'm going to lay low here for a while and hope they lose my trail.

I've changed the appearance of my Krait a little, and even changed my suit up a bit to try and avoid anyone recognizing me. I also contacted DASOD and they've sent a squad to my apartment in Gooch Vision to keep it safe from any curious Imperial agents until this blows over. After all, I do have some sensitive information hidden in there. To be on the safe side, I'm keeping my pistol on me at all times and had my suit upgraded to be a little more... bullet resistant. Don't mistake my nervousness for being afraid. I think it's cute that granny Torval sent her little henchmen to try and put the squeeze on me. I'd just rather blow their heads off in person on solid ground than in space. I've got my ship locked up tight, and slipped a few more credits Abraham's way to make sure he doesn't try to wax me while I'm not looking. I doubt he will. That twelve percent cut he gets of everything I do would make him more credits in the long run than selling me out to the Empire. Even if he does, he won't live long enough to enjoy it. I'll make sure of that.

So now I'm sitting here, staring out a window, watching ships go by and listening to some old-ass Earth music. Kind of weird how I'm drawn to all the crap made in the 20th and 21st century of Earth. Almost like that's the only music I know. Weird as fuck. Though the only modern band I really like is Steppulstra 7, but they don't put out enough music for me to consistently listen to it. Plus, all this old Earth shit is free as hell, since it's over a thousand years old. Helps that I'm basically right next to Earth and they hand these old music packages out like souvenirs. Still, most of it's pretty good. I've gotten real into this one particular genre called "Dark Ambient". Anyway, I'm gonna stop babbling about fucking music now. Might work on the ship a little later. Lost gravity a couple times when I jumped in-system, so I gotta figure out what the fuck happened there.
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Laying low in Sol
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