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Panknuts / 13 Sep 3304
To The Void - Sort of ... Baby Steps alright

3304 - September 12,

This is it, today is the day. I will be starting my journey outside of the bubble, which will be a first for me. All my life I have dreamed of this moment, not sure if I would ever actually make it to this point. I have had some ups and down, I was not a privileged individual, and I have had to fight for everything I have to make it to this point. I joined the Federation Navy strictly to learn how to pilot spacecraft so I could eventually get out and fly on my own. It has not been an easy road but all of that is behind me now. Now I am in control of my life and my destiny and what I want to do with it. I am not jaded, I know there have been thousands, MILLIONS, before me, doing this exact same thing, setting out to the stars and making discoveries, making history; I'm not cocky enough to think my name will be written down in any history books, I am mostly doing this for myself. Don't get me wrong though, I will be logging discoveries as I come across them and sharing my findings with anyone and everyone and if I find something undiscovered, or incredible, that will be an added bonus. But for me, just being outside of the bubble and seeing the different sights of the galaxy will be enough. Of course, it would be an added bonus if I discover an earth like world that has not been discovered yet, or a system that hasn't been discovered yet. For too long I have lived under others whims and wishes and rules, I am only following myself now and doing what I want to do.

Most likely on this first trip there isn't going to be any major discovery, afterall my goal is to only make it to the massive star Betelgeuse. I would like to see it and I believe that is a good goal for a first trip outside of the bubble - to reach that point. Obviously I know this is no super major accomplishment but just let me feel good about myself. I know this is like step 1 of baby steps into exploration, it is one of those basic, early, must see destinations for any rookie explorer. If I get out there and feel like going farther I will. For now my plan is to at least make it to the edge of the bubble and, if I need to, rest at one of the last stations before setting out completely outside of the bubble. Once I get to Betelgeuse I will see how I feel mentally and physically, and feel out how the ship is doing and take it from there whether I decide to turn back or not.

That is all for now, I will make other entries along the way.

- CMDR Panknuts
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