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MMMMMalcolm / 13 Sep 3304
Battle for Awawar: Chapter 10

You ever have a day where no matter what you did nothing went right?  Today was one of those days. It started with the sparring bots. I should have known something was off if Kris Brewer botched an order. Kris prides himself on his acquisitions; if you can pay for it he can get it. But about three weeks back I ordered three military grade, AI equipped, programmable sparring robots. The Galnet brochure said they could alter not only their fighting style and degree of difficulty, but their height and weight too so you THINK you’re fighting a different opponent. What we got was one slow moving metal machine with a data stick plug to upload fighting styles, but that’s all I could change. There was no AI that could adapt real time as I started to master its techniques. It didn’t get taller or shorter, lighter or heavier. There was no synthetic skin or hair to fool my brain into believing my opponent was human. I didn’t even believe it was a sparring bot. I would have bet my Asp it was a repurposed clothing display robot found in any one of the Superpower’s capital city marketplaces.

I was about to contact Kris when Quinten walked into my office.

“Malcolm, we have a problem.”

“I’m already on it. I never would have pegged Kris as one to take drugs, but he must be if he thinks that pile of metal is what I ordered from the brochure. Plus I ordered three, not just one.”

Quentin paused; his face freezing into a mask of confusion as he processed what he just heard. It took him a moment to access the proper section of his brain, but once he did he regained his momentum and sat down on the visiting side of my floating desk.

“I apologize sir. I’m not talking about the robots. Someone is destroying system security vessels around Vandermeer and Cartwright.” I terminated the holocall before a connection could be established.

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