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Panknuts / 13 Sep 3304
It is MASSive ... And this wasn't as bad as I thought

3304, September 13
Time 1254

First things first, Betelgeuse is VERY LARGE - obviously ... as I suspected, as you probably know. I heard the stories, I saw the pictures (which don't do it justice), but once you actually get out here and see it for yourself you really see how large it is - and there is no substitute for that. It is just impressive, especially when you start looking at the numbers compared to the more average sized stars and average planet distances from stars, etc.

The trip out here was worth it, I am glad I finally took the leap into exploration and getting outside of the bubble. I will be honest, I probably could have done this months ago, a year ago even. Why didn't I? Well, truth be told I was intimidated, afraid even - all the stories about black holes and neutron stars, and random drops into systems too close to the sun that put you out of supercruise, the list goes on. I let those stories hold me back. I know they're not just "stories", I don't mean it like that when I say stories. I know all those things are true, I know those things happen, and hell now we have Thargoids to worry about (which actually is lowest on my list of concerns).

It took me a while to finally build up the courage to just say screw it and go for it but so far I am glad I did. The trip out here wasn't bad at all, it only took about 14 jumps - and my DBE is not even engineered, it is just the base 35ly range everyone can get. I suppose at some point later I may get it engineered. Actually that is another reason I never ventured out before, just the thought of such a long travel time, so many jumps, I thought it would be painful to make 14 jumps. I know that isn't many AT ALL, I mean Betelgeuse was only about 490ly from where I departed. In terms of exploration that isn't far at all - though to me it is, was. But it wasn't bad at all, it was nice, fun, exciting to be heading out here and it really was a lot better than I though it would be. I have not had any issues so far *knock on polycarbonate*. I hope it stays that way.

Anyway, I am not sure where I will be headed next but I feel good and the ship is doing well so I am staying out here. I may head into Barnard's Loop or something like that since I am off in that direction, not sure.

Signing off,
CMDR Panknuts
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