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A. Haptism / 13 Sep 3304
CMDR A. Haptism - Log 012 - Sep 13, 3304

CMDR: A. Haptism
Date: September 13, 3304
Time: 19:40UTC
Location: Sharamo - Slipher Terminal
Subject: The Big Three - Number 2

Ah... glorious.

A few days since I've purchased my Anaconda, and I have to say life has been pretty good. I've been earning a steady income running passenger missions, and today finally earned enough to purchase the ship of all ships- the Imperial Cutter.

Now, a lot of people have told me this ship has problems. It's too slow to turn, it has no reverse thrusters to stop, the jump range isn't as good as an Anaconda. Honestly, I was worried. But now that I've flown it, I can happily say I don't have any issues with the ship.

Now, I need to outfit it for exploration. Unfortunately I might be a bit short on funds to that immediately (the ship isn't cheap..), so it's looking like I'll be headed back out for more passenger runs. I also need to start picking up jobs for the Federation if I have any hope of acquiring the third ship in "The Big Three"- the Corvette. It could come in handy if I ever decide to get into hunting bounties or maybe even Thargoids.

Commander Haptism, signing off.
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