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Panknuts / 14 Sep 3304
To The Void - Double Double Toil and Trouble

3304, September 13
Time: 0242

That's right, I am off to the Witch Head Nebula - it will be 16 jumps from my current location from the surface of Betelgeuse 2. My specific destination is 446ly from where I currently am, and 893ly from where I originally departed. Still not quite the 1000ly mark so I guess I will have to go all the way to Barnard's Loop for that - which I will probably end up doing as previously mentioned; again, it all depends on how I, and Ragnalla, are feeling. If all is looking and feeling good again then I will continue to keep going. Time for departure.



3304, September 13
Time: 0555

I have made it to just outside the Witch Head Nebula, one more jump and I am in. I have docked at the Witch Head Science Centre, in HIP 23759, for some rest. Thanks to the fine folks of the Xeno Research Group for setting up shop out here. Everything is still going really well and I am loving the adventure. I am already looking forward to getting into the nebula, then pushing further to the Orion Nebula, Barnard's Loop, Horsehead Nebula region. I am even looking beyond that and will probably set my sights on VY Canis Majoris - THE very largest star in the galaxy, at least as far as we know. Since I have seen Betelgeuse now I figured I would up the ante to go ahead and have a look at the biggest one there is, convenient since it is relatively within this region of the galaxy. The view of the nebula is beautiful, I will get some rest now and when I get going tomorrow / later today I will be heading in.

CMDR Panknuts
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