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Fendisteel / 14 Sep 3304
Log 0023 - Culture

/---Log 0023 ---\
/--- User [Fendisteel] ---\
/--- September 13th 3304 ---\


Somedays, I consider myself an explorer. Just not in the traditional sense of a bold pilot venturing out into the void of space to hunt down mysterious secrets or entirely undiscovered star systems.

I'm the kind of explorer that goes out to discover new cultures. The only time a star in this galaxy intrigues me is when it's the target for a freighter’s FSD. The only time a planet stands out to me is when tall, fortified cities are constructed upon its surface, harboring hundreds of humans who adhere to their own customs and traditions. The only secrets I want to uncover, are the inner workings of a culture. To understand why these people think this way, why they're who they are today. I aim to put myself in their shoes and see the world from their perspective. These are the questions I hunt down answers for.

Humanity, having spread out across the stars, have exposed themselves to new environments, new adversities and new pleasures. They're perception of our reality has been molded though these experiences and see good in places other nations would see as taboo.

It's times like this I'm grateful for the Alliance. A unified faction that stands together to guarantee one another's independence. To preserve their cultural anatomy. We establish ironclad trade partnerships with one another and indulge in each other’s culture through music, food, art, literature and furniture. The Alliance is so culturally diverse, that I have plenty to explore. Though trade I've moved  fascinating products to one port to another. In combat I've gotten down into the trenches of a conflict zone and learned about the fiery tensions between factions. Hauling cargo, I've learned of partnerships between foreign entities.

And now, I've found a culture I want to call home for the meantime. They call themselves the “Spearhead Charter”. Here in Manktas, there’s an odd blend of Imperial customs with family units and an importance of your social status, then given a progressive democratic system to govern over the population. The Spearhead Charter aligns themselves to the Alliance as of right now, thus contributing to the survival of all colonies under our banner. This is more than enough to motivate me to join their cause. I will learn more about them, all while serving our  benevolent Alliance!

Long live democracy! Long live the Alliance!


[Check out Spearhead Charter for an Alliance aligned BGS group!]
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