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MikDaTv2 / 14 Sep 3304
Crozius Arcanum Log: Fortress Temple

The Crozius Arcanum was awash in the blood of Thargoid scouts this past week. A few hundred of the demons little ships. I haven't engaged with Interceptors in a long while and am itching to take on larger xenos, however I have some more pressing matters to attend to.

Now that I am the Chaplain for BPSF, i've decided to build a Chapel. I've gone to Robigo to earn some money to help commission artwork, furniture and property for such a construction. Still looking for a location. It may offer me an opportunity to offload some of the artifacts i have aboard the Crozius into a more stationary and secure location, where they can be appreciated by all. I also plan on having some of my texts, and histories hand copied out onto paper books to keep in the chapel as well.

The prospect of this chapel excites me. The Council of Bastards have not had a stationary place of worship, aside from a few scattered shrines across the Holy Bubble. Its an opportunity to build a library of texts and artifacts that aren't put at risk by our nomadic lifestyle.

The heretical artifacts i have will remain aboard the Crozius, would not taint the new chapel with their presences. I also must continue to study them. The shards of meta-alloys that I have are interesting. They're light, but very sturdy which would make them excellent to use in weapon or ship construction but because they can't be melted down and recast, their use for me is limited. Still, i managed to use the ancient technique of flaking to shape one such shard into a 5 inch dagger. I fashioned a scabbard from the skin of one the Thargoid scouts. It may seem silly to use advanced alien technology and heretical materials just to make a simple dagger in an age of firearms and spaceships, but anyone who may board my ship against my wishes will get spaced after I put a 5 inch hole in their chest. With any luck it will be up to the challenge of stabbing through any body armor or clothing an actual thargoid might be wearing as well.

I have plans to create a sword using the meta-alloys but i don't know how well that will work. The flaking process is ok for smaller blades but it wastes material and is exceedingly difficult with a substance this sturdy. I think instead, i will attempt to construct a sword using some of the Guardian devices I have on board.
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