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GaryxGaming / 10 Oct 3304
Blasts from the past - Part 1

After my return, I tasked Tau to snoop in Federal Navy databanks to find records related to my "accident" back when I was 21 and flying for the Federation.
I spent my time supporting the sudden uprising of a previously harmful independent faction at my home system, we easily crushed the Empire and took control of 2 starports and the system. This proved to be beneficial as I'm now out of reach for the Imperial Navy and the shipyard got updated too, thus I can continue my operations from here. I haven't learned much of what is now part of the ship, other than the FSD and booster can't be removed, but I am not concerned as if it was hostile it would already have killed me.

21 Sep 3304
Somayaji Terminal - Passenger lounge

I'm trying to find someone who would pay me a nicely for a basic trip, not a lot of folks wanting to pay. 28mil for a trip to Colonia, yeah no. I go through an endless amount of bad contracts until 1 strikes my eye
Contract type: Long rangeDasha Watson wants to go to Collection of Wonders
Passenger type: Famous explorer (First class)Distance: 11.5kly
Time limit: 4 weeksReward: 30 small payments of a million credits
Collection of Wonders? How nice, gonna kill 2 birds with one stone. Getting that finally off my bucket list and make 30mil for free.

"Jerome, I've found something"
"What is it Tau?", I ask
"Holo documentation about your accident"
I rush to the cockpit and I'm greeted by a hologram of me before the crash

It then fades into a FDS travelling through hyperspace and abruptly being slapped out and into an earth-like planet, after which a garbled recording shows me being pulled out by a machine, though the operator isn't seen. End of recording

"You'll need to do some ahem investigating in the Imperial Archives"
"Affirmative, would you like a cup of Fujian tea before departure"
"Yes, thank you Tau"

23 Sep 3304
Skaude AA-A h294

I conduct a tour of the system, and then start the return trip. But not with any haste, I still have 3 weeks 5 days left on the clock.

10 Oct 3304
CD-54 9671 - Somayaji Terminal

I have no idea what to do while waiting for more info, so I'm trying to make a quick buck with anything
Might take a tour around the bubble at some point, or look for more answers
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CMDR GaryxGaming
Explorer / Mercenary
10 Oct 3304
Blasts from the past - Part 1
09 Sep 3304
Unexpected news - Part 2
08 Sep 3304
Unexpected news - Part 1
06 Sep 3304
Krait and the anomaly - Part 2
06 Sep 3304
Krait and the anomaly - Part 1
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