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Miya Lahn / 16 Oct 3304
Someone to Watch Over Me: Episodes 1-5

Episode Five:

Finally got around to making a holo-me of Miya Kinda ended up just being a futzed version of my old avatar of Clara if I'm perfectly honest, but it kinda fit with how I saw her in my mind - ish! Really wanted to make her eyes very distinct, so I'll confess to some GIMP shenanigans, but I'm happy enough with how it turned out

I frequently get accused of being a mushy, 80's film obsessive, B-movie loving, disney-esque idiot by my friends and very much guilty as charged Which is probably why (in my head at least), this whole story is a really bizarre blend of Breakfast-Club-meets-Starship-Troopers! But since there's enough crappy stuff in the real world, where's the harm in that here, so I make no apologies for getting unreservedly mushy and cliché in bits of this episode Anyhow - cheesy episode 5 below

Season One:

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About the Story:

"Someone to Watch Over Me" is a (very!) amateur bit of fiction set in the Elite universe and revolves around the life of a young girl born on the planet of New California, in the Liabeze system at the heart of the Empire. It follows her as she struggles growing up with a disability from birth and the subesequent challenges she faces as she is mentored into the early stages of life in the Imperial Navy by an unknown benefactor.

I'm writing the story in the format of a TV series, with each new post taking the form of an 'episode'. Season One will (I think!) end up being about twelve episodes, and if there's any interest, I have the plot roughly worked out for two more seasons, but thought it might be fun to work in some of the E:D community further down the line possibly. For now, Season 1 is a standalone anyhow; it's my first bash at a story in quite a while so please go easy! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading

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