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CB / 13 Oct 3304
Someone to Watch Over Me: Episode 4

Episode Four:

I decided to stop posting the separate pages (sorry if anyone was using them!); it took a ten-thumbed idiot like me forever to format the Inara stuff that way and in the end I wasn't really sure how many people were using them. Since you can still access the individual pages via the albums anyway, I figured it was a bit redundant, so I'll just post the episode/albums as they go by. (Sorry for all the faffing, I'm just slowly getting it into a format I like that makes sense!)

This episode was a bit "hmmm" and ended up being a bit grittier than the other bits! So I very, very much doubt this is the case but might not be suitable for the more wee folk Anyhoo, link to the album below! I'm pretty busy irl for the next few days so might just have a scuffle around with adding some graphics to the post just to make it look a bit shinier, it's a little grey at the mo for me!

(Big hooge thank you to the Elite walking wiki that is Lyrae Cursorius, and my shooty consultants Lisztomania and Arc - I'll freely admit I know absolutely nothing about guns so I had to bend some ears! Thanks so much, you guys rock )

Season One:

Episode OneEpisode TwoEpisode ThreeEpisode Four

About the Story:

"Someone to Watch Over Me" is a (very!) amateur bit of fiction set in the Elite universe and revolves around the life of a young girl born on the planet of New California, in the Liabeze system at the heart of the Empire. It follows her as she struggles growing up with a disability from birth and the subesequent challenges she faces as she is mentored into the early stages of life in the Imperial Navy by an unknown benefactor.

I'm writing the story in the format of a TV series, with each new post taking the form of an 'episode'. Season One will (I think!) end up being about twelve episodes, and if there's any interest, I have the plot roughly worked out for two more seasons, but thought it might be fun to work in some of the E:D community further down the line possibly. For now, Season 1 is a standalone anyhow; it's my first bash at a story in quite a while so please go easy! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading

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