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ZethG / 05 Oct 3304
Puzzle Party

System : SOL

After meeting the engineer I plan the cruise to Europa to visit water geysers. I captured another Unregistered Comms Signal. It seems like they can be detected under 1000 Ls. After I land on the location there were no signals or movement. So I decided to work on the encryption I got from the moon. The second part...

Numbers are going up to 26... Maybe thats another numbers to alphabet translation... Nope!... Numbers are only growing up, and resets to minimum after letter "r", and each code starts with "c"... Can it be Rows and Columns?.. Lets try....

It doesn't look like anything meaningfull to me. I need to get help about this.

"Hello Maledic, How are you doing!"
"Fine captain, did you finally decide to come over to enjoy the sands?"
"Not yet! But I need a help about something. I just sent you an image. Gather the crew tonight, and try to figure out if that means anything to you!"
"They are not here to work Zeth. You know that."
"Yea.. I know... Can you make it like a party game? I will pay the expenses. And put a price if something meaningfull comes up. By the way the clue is LE TRANS KEY TOUCH"
"I can definately do that... Le trans key touch... interesting clue. Take care out there."
"Alright! See you after!"

Moments later I turned the chatter off, a mechanic voice started to announce numbers again. Just like the one at the Moon. "on.e. twwoo......... niinneer..... o.ne. niineer...... twwoo zeeroo..........."

After a while I end up with these series.
"12 9 19 20 5 14 12 15 3 1 20 9 15 14 5 18 1 22 1 20 5 20 9 13 5 10 12 9 19 20 5 14 12 15 3 1 20 9 15 14 12 1 22 5 20 9 13 5 30 3 12 21 5 4 C"

Another confusing puzzle, before I figured the first one.

Do you like it?

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