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Orion Starhunter / 08 Oct 3304
Commander's Log Entry: October 7th, 3304 03:17 HRS UTC

U.S.S. Discovery Mission Log -

Well after sitting around in Jameson Memorial the crew and I decided to depart once more for Sagittarius A.  Our journey has taken us as far as Amundsen Terminal at this point, in which we are stopping for a few repairs to the Discovery's Structural Integrity and paint.  

Along with that a nice meal before we set out to Eagles Landing in Eagle Sector IR-W D1-117.  Along this journey we've discovered one new ringed planet.  I'm letting the crew decide a name for it rather than naming it myself.

This has been a long overdue mission, and one that has been interrupted on numerous occasions.  While I enjoy the solitude of space travel, there is still that longing for home feeling once you leave the bubble.  It's almost like a beacon guiding you, no, calling you back home.  Reminding you that even though you're over 4 thousand light years away, you're home is still here.

The crew is excited to catch our first glimpse at the massive black hole that is the center of our galaxy.  I have to admit, I've seen several black holes including the well known "Black Treasure", but I am pretty anxious to see what it looks like from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  It's almost as if there is a calling to me from it.

The more pressing thing would be all the questions while enroute.  What will we find, who has been here before us, and the ever burning question, did we come from this, or is there something much bigger at work here?
One of the things I have decided to do is outfit the Discovery with a bit of Guardian technology to help aid in the trip.  I've added the Guardian Power Plant, Guardian Distributor and the Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster.  Running at 104% power capacity and only  72% of it being used, coupled with a jump range of 47.80LY unladen, and 45.80 laden, I'd have to say this is pretty impressive for an Imperial Clipper class star ship.

Like most exploration vessels we included an SRV, just in case we decided to land on a planet or moon and look around.  Basic shield generator for protection from impacts and the such and mostly lightweight modules helped lighten up the Discovery to make the jumps we are capable of doing.  I also added a class 4 fuel tank to round out the total fuel to 32 tons from the original 16.

All in all, the Discovery has done quite well thus far, and her crew has been fantastic.  Our next stop at Eagle's Landing is about 2,000 LY from our current position at Amundsen Terminal, so it will be a pretty lengthy flight after we depart from here.

Heard the night life was pretty good around here, as is the food.  The Mrs. and I are going to partake in some of the festivities here and we'll probably depart in the next couple of days.

More later as it happens.

Commander Orion Starhunter
U.S.S. Discovery
Imperial Clipper Class Starship
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