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Fendisteel / 08 Oct 3304
- Vestige herald - Operation Artemis continues as situation escalates - October 8th 3304

Operation Artemis continues as situation escalates
October 8th - 3304

Operation Artemis has been officially extended for another week. This is due to a drastic underestimation of criminal elements within Manktas.

While merchants of the Yutsah convention have since cleared out, a new problem has emerged as a nearby system of San Yulpa has shown signs of worrying instability. Open warfare has broken out between the San Yulpa Mob and the Alliance of San Yulpa. The San Yulpa system is tied to Manktas economically for its rare ore excavations and refinery services. In recent weeks, mob operations have reached an all-time high, with security forces commencing military actions to control the situation.

But what does this have to do with Manktas? Well, with San Yulpa being a measly 4.5 Ly away, Manktas is beginning to show  signs of being a staging point for mob operations back in San Yulpa. Upstart pirate outfits in Manktas have also begun fleeing to merge with the mob during Operation Artemis’ initial week, swelling their ranks in turn.

Nobles in the Vestige are clamoring on whether or not to push towards military intervention in San Yulpa to quickly silence this matter. More conservative officials suggest the focus should be on cleaning up Manktas and fortifying Spearhead Charter’s position. The former however seems to be in the majority as more and more reputable voices announce their support.

The Vestige Herald have approached SCRG Specialist Lyria Eardley to get an opinion from the military's perspective.

“There has been much debate over the past few days over whether expansion to San Yulpa is a viable response to this threat. Both sides of the debate have merit. San Yulpa is a part of the Vestige, and so is rightfully the property of Spearhead Charter. However, as the controlling faction lies outside the Alliance of Independent Systems, some feel the move would be overly aggressive. The one clear fact however is that the potential for the decay of the system into anarchy is unacceptable, and the factions there have limited ability to stop it. We may be required to take action, though whether that is through conquest or alliance is a question for another day.”

- Lyria Eardley (Specialist, SCRG)

Operation Artemis is to end with one of the commanders of the Spearhead Charter Royal Guard becoming the appointed “Knight” of San Yulpa. With the situation there becoming ever more dire as the mob gains more influence, the need for a knight to keep watch over San Yulpa is even more necessary. The first week of the operation has seen notable efforts between three commanders, such as CMDR Cassandra Varr who’s been pitching in with nothing more than a small Viper. We approached her for a comment on the situation.

"I have been out in the belts for the past couple of days and listened to the comms chatter of the unsavory elements trying to terrorize miners out there. They'll just keep coming if we don't get to the root of the problem. Expansion is the only solution to get a proper foothold in San Yulpa!"

- Cassandra Varr

We also approached CMDR Spotikus, another leading pilot in the operation for his opinions on the escalating tensions.

"At the end of the day it's all about keeping our home and neighbors safe. Operation Artemis or not, if I can get out there to make a difference, you bet I’ll make an effort. As for what the higher ups decide as to what to do about San Yulpa, if you ask me, i wouldnt have a problem with military action. Spearhead Charter is about defending humanity. If we leave a system vulnerable to criminal leadership, then we not only let the people of San Yulpa suffer, but risk the lives of Manktas as well. Hopefully we can quell this crime wave without being invasive to our neighbors, but we shouldn't give these criminal organizations the chance to grow."

- Spotikus

The Vestige Herald will be at the ready to report if this story develops further.


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