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spike.rog / 09 Oct 3304
Bcak in the black

well here I am again in the galactica mk 2 with my ever so loyal crew .Samantha my first officer. bill 2nd in command and tactics. daisy comms officer. Camilla chef engineer .izzy science officer .and tilly medical officer. and a few other helping run the ship behind the scean. we have gone back into the black as ive wanted to visit some more of the galaxy and go to places we have not been to you .found a dozen systems un explored and make a killing on them .this is not all about honking the scanner and scanning everything its about finding new places and planets and hopefully things we did not know where out here.. so we tent to make about to 5 10 jumps before scanning then if a planet is undiscovered well take a look. the ships engineering team do a great job at keeping the ship in top notch .and the med team are great at stopping us going space crazy.. have about 360 jumps to Colonia
and then its off to see whats lays beyond with sag a being our first t port of call. we have just been round a nebula and saw some great stuff .now its on to the next one. the only thing I wish I had one a bit better is the ships thrusters the turn rate is a bit slow at the moment but thats life .for a bit of A laugh Samantha has put up the Christmas lights as she says they look nice against the dark backdrop of space .ill deal with her later .so for now all is good take care and have fun fly safe o7
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CMDR spike.rog
Freelancer / Explorer
29 Dec 3304
back in the black again
09 Oct 3304
Bcak in the black
23 Apr 3304
Saving tilly
22 Jan 3304
The thargoid threat
03 Jan 3304
Raking it in
15 Dec 3303
23 Nov 3303
16 Nov 3303
not far to go
02 Nov 3303
Weekend rest
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