Logbook entry

ConnorDBH / 09 Oct 3304
CMDR hypogamer45’s Log Entry: 09/10/3304

Hey Commanders, its been months since I’ve done a log entry, I should do more of these. The other day, I went to buy myself a new ship, called the Krait MKII, and I can say it is different than any other ship I’ve flown.
With it being a medium vessel, it is far more nimble, and taking it to Palin, already with 6A Thrusters installed, makes this quite a nimble boat indeed. Weapon-wise she does alright, jump range is not too bad.
Speaking of outfitting, I’ve mad some, lets just say ‘off the record’ modifications. Alongside the engineer modifications, I also have acquired some alien tech, to be more specific, guardian powerplants, power distributors and fsd boosters. Combining the powerplant and distributor caused me to, somehow, have 104% power.
I thought to myself “How should I test this new ship?” so I packed an SRV, a few guns, a fighter, some snickiz bars and my crew mate and plotted a 7 leg journey to Colonia. With roughly a 30ly jump range, it took more about 5 Sol days to get there. I must confess, this was my first time properly leaving the bubble, and the sights are just, well you need to make the journey yourself.

So, now I’m sitting at Jaques Bar in his station, inside a pink and purple nebula awaiting a new ship respray.

Godspeed CMDRs, and o7
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