Logbook entry

Corbious / 09 Oct 3304
Ship Log (Baneblade SF-1G)

Date:  3304.10.09

Well I've been trucking along trying not to get into to much trouble.  Just trying to climb the ladder one rung at a time to get to the top.  I never even thought of keeping a ship log before now.  I guess the difference is that I finally got to the ship that I desired from the beginning of this long trip.  All the other ships, even my beloved Python, were just a means to an end to get to this point.  

So...  What do I say other then what I just did?  I guess after running this beauty through a few moves and almost getting her destroyed  I can truly say I like her.  I decided to call her BANEBLADE SF-1G.  I kinda got the inspiration from a game I played as a child.  It was an ancient Earth tabletop game passed down generation after generation through my family. It is from over 1000 years ago.  The name comes from my favorite game piece.  A supersized battle tank.  Ironically the game's timeline is based on an even farther future then now.  I figured it was well deserved after surviving a battle against six other ships despite being knocked down to 2% hull.  She seems to be quite the "Little" tank. She got me home.  

Well, that does it.  I did my first ship log.  I guess I'm suppose to keep up with this.  I'll see how it goes.  Until next time.

-CMDR Corbious
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