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Costini / 09 Oct 3304
What comes around, Goes around

System: LHS 336/ Klimuk Station

I see the “Service” light came up on Cinco’s front panel then I remember that his maintenance schedule was due 5 months ago.

“I’m sorry little bunker, but I have to ground you for now, better check those bolts and reinforcements before the Authorities label me as a flying hazard”

I kept my flying path in the shipping lanes and set the heading for the station.

“Yankee, Oscar, Tango. Please request landing permission before entering the station”

“Control, permission to land, inspection request pending” I know, due date is way passed”

Permission granted Cmdr. Take landing pad 32, ground crew ready for inspection. “

With all the systems off and Cinco literally plugged with all the cables and sensors that you can find on this station. I leave the scene of what it looks like a medical procedure from the 19 century on an alien vessel.

I proceed to the Inspector’s office. On my way there, a young man dressed as a mechanic approached me.

“Sir! Cmdr.… Are you with CIA?

“Why do you ask? “

“My father works for them and I saw your emblem and I thought…

“Well maybe I am, maybe not. Is there something on your mind?”

“I know Trepin was attacked recently and after that my father stop communicating with us”

“I’m aware of this and yes, we lost a lot of good people there not only CIA agents. What is your father’s name?”

“Andrei Scolovsky, master mechanic at Kuhn Hub”

“To be honest with you kid, never heard of the name, only been at Trepin maybe 2 or 3 times but I will get the voice out to CIA HQ and ask.

“Thank you, you guys always fight for the right cause and for that, there is a price to pay”

[i]“You sound more like an Agent than a mech! Your father taught you well, kid.”

The young man look down, then up to the celling of the station briefly watching the ships passing by.

“I better get back to work. Your ship won’t inspect herself.”

I turned around and head back to the Inspector’s office. As soon as I enter the room I hear the name of my ship been called by a hologram figure of a man projected from the counter.

“The owner of the ViperMk4- Cinco. Please, step up to the counter”

I proceed, very confused.

“Yes, I’m the owner”

“Sir could you proceed to the door at my left, we need to talk to you about your ship”

I immediately start to brainstorm a way out of here, in case sh!it hit the fan for any given reason.
Proceeded to the door and I see an old man sitting on a desk with barely any lights in the room, just a small lamp and a holo-pad. The man pass me the holo-pad so I can see the content.

“Cmdr. Costini, your ship Cinco is not in compliance with Federal regulations. We are forced to impound your ship until compliance is met.”

“Can you give me an explanation as to why I’m not in compliance?

He proceed to tap the holo-pad screen and came up with a list with Cinco’s name as the title.

“There you go. I just can’t believe someone in this galaxy can fly a trash can full of junk like yours, it’s absolutely illegal”

“Sir, this is a military vessel and by any means you can’t process it as a civilian”

Looks like what I said when trough one ear and left the premises from the other hole. The old man looked at my face expecting another response, but I was shocked of his statement.

“Let me …reinforced you with my findings ...Cmdr.”

I see the list for a second time and as I read, I see from the corner of my bionic eye two figures entering the room with long arms.

“These modifications are in compliance, I did this myself at Daiku with military approval”

“Sir! You are not an authorized mech, you have parts from other ships! For the love of Lavian Brandy! Who puts the thrusters from a Chieftain on a ViperMk4, or a generator from an ASP? I bet those crazy Specialist around the galaxy touched your ship too. Scum backs looking for a profit at any cost.
You should not even be flying!”

I close my eyes and took a deep breath knowing, this is it for Cinco, lost to a politic procedure without counting the amount work and deeds this ship did for all of us, for democracy and for CIA.

Suddenly the young mech from the docks steps in and with a voice of hysteria.

“We have a leak on pad 15! A lot of coolant is gushing out of the resupply systems. We need the maintenance crew, ASAP!”

And... That was my “Q” the two-armed men stepped closer to me as the Inspector step out of the room. I moved my chair back and let it fall backward as if I was actually falling off the chair. At the same time that I was falling back, I took the right leg of one of the officers and pulled him down with me. I stand up as if nothing happened. Grabbed the chair and slam it on the other guards face. The adrenaline rushed in and I blacked out. Regained my consciousness to see the chair broken on one of the guards, the other knocked down in a corner of the room.

I ran out of the room, like a gazelle running from the hunters in the savanna. End up in my cockpit punching the boosters without throttling up. Cinco came back online, pulling all cables and sensors off, like a beast reborn at an experimental lab and the amount of debris coming off the ship was spectacular, could easily be mistaken by a chaff been lunch inside the station.

“There you go “Mister Inspector!” I found more reinforcement for you findings!”

*Message for; HQ*

From SA- Costini
Searching for: Andrei Scolovsky
-Please, provide status-.

“At least I can pay you back, kid.”
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