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Elliot Coleman / 10 Oct 3304
Explorer or tourist?

Doing this thing a day late. I was dog tired by the time we landed and wasn't up to doing my log.

Anyway, it's Tuesday - excuse me, Wednesday, October 10, 3304. We are landed at Elephant's Trunk Sector DQ-Y c4...something like fifth planet out on its only moon. You'll have to excuse my lack of precision this morning...I haven't finished my coffee yet.

Oh, before I forget, the "we" part. I agreed to take <name redacted> to Earth-like Dancing With Giant so she could collect some data. It's roughly 2700LY spinward from the bubble. I'm not entirely convinced she's an actual explorer. More like a rich tourist with an interest in astronomy. Either way, she's been a thorn in my side since about a third of the way out here.

I picked up a signal, and, being the go-check-it-out kinda guy I am, decided to see what was there. We drop out of supercruise to find this Orca doing maneuvers. I scan it and see that it's a naval academy training vessel. Alright, I'm thinking, bunch of cadets out doing some training. So, I watch it for a minute or two, and then it turns to face me. I hear yelling over the audio scanner, something about "this is your time to prove yourselves"...typical academy stuff. They start getting a hair close for comfort, us being out so far from the bubble. At this point my thumb is hovering over the deploy hardpoints button. They scan my ship and then quickly turn away and continue maneuvers. Well, a little while later, Miss HM (High and Mighty, as she'll be referred to from here on out), comes up to the cockpit from her cabin yelling about us being scanned. Something about not wanting just anyone to know she's aboard this ship, and being taken and held for ransom by pirates. I calmly explained that never once have I been caught by a pirate, even in larger, slower ships, and that she needn't worry about her safety or the safety of anyone else on board. Apparently that wasn't enough. She hasn't spoken to me the entire trip since, only sent one of her entourage up to give me updates on where her majesty wants to go. That's fine. Her voice kinda grinds my nerves anyway, and her assistant is both polite and easy on the eyes. Kinda feel bad for the girl, working for such a shrew.

Before I locked down for the night I headed out in the Scarab and took some surface samples of this moon we're on. Kinda reminds me of old pictures of Mars before it was terraformed long ago. Had the assistant walk a few hundred meters out and snap a photo for me, which I'll attach at the end of this along with a few others. Its orbit is just outside the ring of a blue gas giant with white clouds. Really beautiful.

On the way out here I noticed what I initially thought was another galaxy. It was a bright white line rimward of our route. By bright, I mean stood out when scooping a Class G kinda bright. Really catches your attention and dominates the black. I searched the galmap of that area and I think it's a cluster of white dwarfs (maybe) in the NGC 7822 nebula. This being a contracted voyage, I had to see if it was okay with my passenger if we took the scenic route back to the bubble. Apparently she's fairly excited about it...or at least that's what her assistant claimed. So, that's where we're headed.

I know Jim was headed out on some voyage of his own. Apparently he got his Anaconda engineered and is now jumping ridiculous distances. Dunno when we'll meet up again, but for now I wish him the best of luck.

I really gotta get her name...
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