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Chandra Sekhar / 17 Oct 3304

Dear Faulcon DeLacy.

I write to you to turn your attention to a cockpit design problem I have experienced with one of your products; the Sidewinder.

Recently I was on my way back from a hugely successful business trip. When I was about to land in my local Coriolis station, I wanted to turn the landing lights on just before landing on my designated landing pad. I reached for the switch but my astronomically expensive Rowlax watch accidentally caught the boost button, throwing me violently back into my seat. The motion spilled coffee and Oreos everywhere and sent my Hutton mug straight towards my seat where it connected with my head right between my eyes. I almost lost consciousness! The sudden pain made me reach for my poor head causing me to accidentally pull back on the flight controls. This sent my Sidewinder straight up towards a Type-10 moored on the opposite side of the Coriolis. The size of a Type-10 makes it exceedingly difficult to miss but thanks to my cat like reflexes and hours of flight experience I managed to steer clear of it. Desperately I tried to slow down while keeping the Sidewinder from hitting other ships or structures but it’s not easy with coffee in your eyes and a big lump on your forehead.

Luckily I happen to know of a cat flap in the back of the station (don’t EVEN ask me why I know) and narrowly managed to squeeze the Sidewinder through it and out the back.

While the Sidewinder is a capable ship in the hands of an expert like me, I do worry that less capable commanders might not fare so well with these obviously glaring design flaws in your product.

PLEASE add a cupholder to the cockpits of your product line.

Best regards

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CMDR Chandra Sekhar
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