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Chandra Sekhar / 19 Oct 3304

To Faulcon DeLacy

In response to your reply, I must object to your insinuations when you state that you have ‘no records of successful businessmen flying Sidewinders’. Also you need to update your thesaurus; your excessive use of ’why?’, ‘how?’, ’surprised’ and ’bewildered’, is somewhat repetitive!

I am a very respected businessman in my community and I make dozens of credits on deals nearly every day! Your records (and thesaurus) suck!

No regards

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CMDR Chandra Sekhar
Researcher / Trader
04 Sep 3305
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Chandra Sekhar
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Chandra Sekhar
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15 Aug 3305
Road rage
Chandra Sekhar
14 Aug 3305
In the dog house...again
Chandra Sekhar
13 Aug 3305
All that glitters isn't gold
Chandra Sekhar
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