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Xhaler / yesterday
EXPLORER TRIP #6 - Distant Worlds II - Sag*A-Beagle Point

Almost a year has passed since signing up for the DISTANT WORLDS 2 expedition and now we are finally on our way with almost 12 000 (!!) commanders on the roster. This is by far going to be the biggest event in Elite's history and I am really looking forward to do this epic journey across the galaxy again, but this time along with thousands of other commanders. Beeing away for over half a year and traveling approx. 200 kylies, this is going to be one h... of a long logbook!

I wish you all a safe journey!  o7

One last look at my homebase for a long, long time before pointing my nose to the rendezvous point in Pallaeni. My explorerconda "Prometheus", which has taken me across the galaxy all the way to Beagle Point once before has been further engineered to a jumprange of just over 70LY's, 4 SRV's and a fighter onboard.

Landed at Brooks Point for a nice chat with some other DW2 commanders before the departure tomorrow.

DW2 launch day has FINALLY arrived and we've met up at the DW1 tourist beacon getting ready for the EU departure in 20 minutes.

Spending the night at "The View" in HR 6164 enjoying this awesome view about an hour after the epic DW2 mass jump from Pallaeni. This planet has 3.3G gravity and landing here can become a real unpleasant surprise if you're not aware of it. According to the EDSM stats, 31 ships was destroyed in this system within 24 hours after the DW2 departure and most of them probably during an attempt to land right here at "The View".
Distance from Pallaeni: 1201 LYs.

Landed at planet A 4 in Cycladia POI for the night and shared a few beers with some new friends. There is also a spectacular ringed ELW in this system well worth visiting.
Distance from Pallaeni: 2603 LYs

15.01.3305 - A CLOSE LOOK AT "THORS EYE"!
Even if surrounded by thousands of other DW2 explorers, I am starting to sense this nice and quiet "beeing alone" feeling again after reaching almost 4000LY's away from the bubble. On my way to WP2 I stopped by to spend some time at a few POI's on the way.

First stop was at Labirinto with some misty mountains and deep canyons.

My next stop was the famous "Thor's Eye" black hole where I got as close as 150km before it started to get too hot and got some nice pictures. Met a few "first time" explorers that had never seen a BH before, so I stayed a bit longer to guide them to a safe distance and enjoy this awesome gem (approaching a BH can be a really scary experience the first time!)

Landed at Amundsen Terminal refuel outpost in the Lagoon nebula sector for some maintenance, a cold beer and a good nights sleep. Also made a good pile of credits selling my explorer data here and instantly became an ally of the place. (Was a little surprised of the landing procedure for this "Space Shuttle" Beluga...)
Distance from Pallaeni: 4554 LYs

Took a little detour to visit the Cinnabar Moth nebula on the last leg to WP2. After a whole day of flying it was nice to spend the night on a quiet little planet and picked a biological site to investigate. Discovered a field full of nice looking Blattinus Bioluminescent Anemones which was added to the codex. Will investigate a bit more tomorrow before heading of to WP2.
Distance from Pallaeni: 5754 LYs

17.01.3305 - WAYPOINT 2 - OMEGA NEBULA
Arrived safely at WP2 today and docked at Omega Mining Operation asteroid terminal to spend the night there. Except for a new paintjob the Prometheus is still without a single scratch after almost 6KLYs. Going to find the bar and join some other cmdrs for a few beers before going to bed. It's been an awesome journey so far!
Distance from Pallaeni: 5881 LYs

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