Logbook entry

Vektal / 04 Nov 3304
Testing out new equipment

Here I sit fro the second time today, I am getting closer to heading back out and just need to stop at 2 more bases to be ready. I mis my larger ship but the ASP is a decent ship and will get the job done. I’m sitting at a nice range but some more engineering will not hurt and make my trip a little nicer. Long Sight Base has been a nice base but I’m happy to be on my way. I have never enjoyed sitting around while people have there heads all in my ship.I will be launching at 17:10:00 on 3 NOV 3304.

Just stopped of to pick up some alloys for the engineer. I am hoping to be on my journey in the next few hours or so. Been a long time coming and I am getting that nervous excited felling.The ship is feeling wonderful, with the additives I have I'm boosting to around 120Ly jump and you just can’t beat the feeling!

OK! I am sittings at almost a 60Ly jump range and getting last of the cargo for the trip out, will be a while befor I am back. I should be back in around 30 days and then will gear up and head out for a much longer trip.

I’ve been out For a few hours now and it is so peaceful, I have an audio book in the background adn the stars in the foreground.I’m testing all the New equipment and the new probes which are working somewhat nicely. I’m in the M7 SECTOR headed towards Sagittarius A* and beyond. I keep hearing sounds in back and not sure if its the ship or the cargo I picked up…

Well it turns out that the noise was 2 cats.. I guess someone thought I need company on the trip. I am now responsible for 2 half grown cats one black and white and the other is Orange and whit. I have them set up in the back with soime make shift bathroom and bed with breakfast. Headed toward a HMC planet and then off to the next system. Hope to make a good profit off this when I get back but with these new systems, who knows what that will be.
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