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S. H. Robinson / 04 Nov 3304
Journey Into the Depths of History

CMDR’s Log, 3304.11.4, Sol Calendar; Na'Kimuli got a wild hair up her a**.

She seems to have taken a VERY serious interest in seeing the remains of the "lost" Arks that have been found by other intrepid ship commanders who are far smarter and astute than myself.  Known far more widely as the generation ships, 70,000 of these mega ships left Sol around the 2090's in an effort to spread humanity to our furthermost reaches before the invention of FTL.

It's almost ridiculous that the vast majority of the information on these massive (and massively expensive) expeditions has been lost.  You'd think that these mega ships would have been meticulously documented and well tracked.

But what do I know?  I'm just using common sense.  And common sense is unfortunately very uncommon when it comes to the rich, powerful and important.

But I digress...

I've never been able to deny my wife much and I must admit that I'm morbidly curious about the fate of these vessels myself.  Exploring is in our blood, after all. So far, as per the information that we've been able to pour over from the intrepid independent CMDR's who've documented their findings, only 12 of "The Missing" have been found and verified.  (A far cry from 70,000.)  We head out immediately to the first of these ships to see if there's anything at these sites that can be useful to the Federation and its researchers and scientists that they haven't already dug up.

If nothing else, it will be an educational trip for us.
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