Logbook entry

Hopps10 / 06 Nov 3304
A Nebulous Future

Hello? H-hello? *banging noises* Stupid thing, work! Ahem. Hi, this is Commander Hopps' first audio logbook entry! I'm so excited to share that after 18 years of staying at Eravate station, and a few months of doing odd jobs for the Federation, I'm happy to announce I've left the bubble for the first time! I saw a nebula not too far from home, and holy crap, does this map make it look cool! Then again, I've found some cool planets on the way there. This explorer that I got was stock, but with a few small upgrades this thing went from barely 20 light year jumps to 30! This makes finding cool planets super easy. Hell, I even found my first habitable planet! It was a beautiful blue mixed with the whites of the clouds. Sadly, not much time for it except to admire and then take a picture. Still not quite at the nebula yet. I've got a few more jumps. Okay a lot more jumps, but the view of the nebula from the ship will be worth it, I'm sure. Not to mention the profit from the exploration data! Once I get to the nebula Ill probably head back to the bubble to sell my findings, and see Eravate one last time. Luckily before leaving on this expedition, I bought some map data to Jackson's Lighthouse, a neutron star. I think I'll use that to super-charge my first jump to make the trip to the big city: Colonia. I've only heard of the scenery and tales of how it got there. After I start the second trip to Jackson's Lighthouse though, I'll be ready to take the first step. Wish me luck. This is Commander Hopps, from the humble ship, Aurora. Signing off.
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