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Thunktone / 06 Nov 3304
Edmund Mahon calls for aid

3304 November 05, Monday

ARC recieved a plea for aid last night from none other than the Prime Minister, Edmund Mahon. The call has gone out to many Alliance factions that someone is trying to bring anarchy to his home system of Gateway. I say someone because Gateway Jet Brotherhood are nobodies. No one had even heard of them a week ago.

It looks like a coordinated effort by rival powers to stir up the Brotherhood and other anarchist or vandalist groups. But I bet Kincaid is also involved somehow. There's a war going on in the shadows of the Alliance right now, I'm sure of it.

I arrived in Gateway this morning, scooped some fuel to prepare my Viper's plasma accelerators and dove right in to one of the more pyrotechnic battles. I was on form, you should have seen the scanner turning green. Before long I was having to race the Liberal fleet to each new wave of attackers. I only stayed half an hour in this first sortie but I earned hundred's of thousands of credits.

This evening I returned to my cockpit to find that a couple of ARC CMDRs were already engaged in the fight. So I joined them and over the next couple of hours we cleaned up dozens of Brotherhood ships. Now I was making over half a megacredit for each tank of fuel. A good reminder to go back to the station for debrief and reward. These military types like you to check in regularly. Information is power I guess.

After the others retired for the night I went out on one more sortie. There seemed to be a ceasefire, though nothing had been declared. I took out a Utopian Overseer for the bounty before finding a battle to join. A couple of other independent pilots were in there and I was struggling to get confirmed kills before they destroyed my targets. But things were going pretty well.

I was distracted by my comms tablet though; missed the low fuel warnings; emptied my fuel tanks through my plasma accelerators. An embarrassing mistake. I'll be sleeping in my escape pod tonight and asking for assistance tomorrow when the other ARC pilots return. The only small consolation was seeing my final target explode as my last drop of fuel flared out through my hardpoints.

Tuesday, 21:40

ARC were out in force tonight wrecking dozens of Brotherhood ships. I completed a mission to take 45 scalps myself. But things went less well elsewhere and we just recieved the bad news: the was is lost. Rumour has it that our enemies were using illegal AI fleets. Whether that's true or not, the Alliance will take back the system. But what will this do to Mahon's reputation? I suspect the real Victor here is President Kincaid.
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