Logbook entry

Scar Abrams / 06 Nov 3304
My Lineage

Where to begin, that's been my question all this time. Seems like only yesterday I started in the Primus System was loaned that sidewinder, knowing nothing of the journey I would undertake. Seen so many faces, so many worlds rise & fall. Flew all of the galaxy's ships ,hunted the thargoids, ventured to the guardians, seen so many worlds along my trek to Beagle point & I'm to a point in my career where I've done & seen so much, I still feel there's so much more to discover. The life of us as pilots it's never dull , I always feel a sense of pride every time I see the newcomers in sidewinders eager to jump in & set off on thier journeys. Some to become elite warriors constructing ships to combat our galaxy's problems, others in thier hulking cargo ships making thier way across the space lanes seeing new worlds & delivering much needed goods. Hmm as I write this log I guess that's the meaning I've been searching for. I played a part within this galaxy, we all have. Our paths intertwine with eachothers at some point we all carry the fire which was lit in the hearts of the first pilots eager to carry humanity further. As I write this also I know that long after I'm gone,My bones returned to the black , humanity will continue to flourish & we pilots will be there to help guide the latter pilots on thier quests just as we had in our lives. That's enough rambling for now, there's still much work to be done for me. For the Blackness of space is where I belong
Freelance Pilot
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