Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 08 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - Pinching Pennies Again

Yep, almost broke again but that's because I added a new ship to the fleet. Introducing MSS Dusty, a Type 6 Transporter I'm currently outfitting to be a cargo hauler within my home system. There are a couple of planetary outposts here that are always in need of something or other and I figure this is as good as it gets entering the trading occupation. Not heavily armed at all but tons of space for stuff and once I get the big motors installed she'll be fast too. Guess I'll rely on her speed and how I shield and armor her.

I just got finished hauling several rich citizens to and fro across the local cluster so the rewards for such deeds were enough to come home and make this purchase. She's got a new paint job and a few extras to make her stand out in a crowd of boxes, mostly because I like my ships to have a more unique look to them. Checked the used ship yard but nothing there that interested me so I got this one brand spanking new with a full warranty. I think there was something about not covering it in case of the random asteroid hit or something or other. Can't wait to take her out on the maiden trip to see how she handles.
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