Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 10 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - Mosquitoes

I can't seem to shake em. I'm back flying MSS Sunrise again doing data delivery since I tapped my bank account almost bone dry and of course I didn't want to risk flying one of the bigger ships without a proper insurance policy. Well seems like every time I head out now I'm getting messages about some ne'er do well wanting to hunt me down for something or other. This last time I took some heat damage from the star I jumped to. I saw a message, something about "I see him and tracking him" so I just buzzed around the star a few times real close then jumped to the next one on my journey. Nobody followed me so I think my antics just confused them. When I got to my destination I ended up with a minor repair bill but the delivery payout was nice so well worth it. MSS Sunrise only has two tiny pulse lasers and I've never pulled the trigger on them so I'm trying to decide if I just want to lose the weapons completely or bump them up to something with more bite. I can get a bit more speed if I sell them so my boost away will be quicker. Dunno, I gotta think about this for a bit.

I was over in another part of space I haven't been cruising regular the other day. Found myself at the Gerst Ring in the BD+22 3579 system. Wow what a nice place! On top of that when I checked the mission board and passenger lounge there was a bunch of contracts heading out to the Colonia region. I could have stacked maybe a half dozen or so and ended up with maybe a 4 or 5 million payout at the end. I asked around about return contracts and if it was similar but got no response so who knows about coming back home. Still, I do have plans on visiting out there so I'll head back to that place before I leave and pick up some contracts. I think that was a good find and I'll keep the business cards I collected for future use.
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