Logbook entry

Daygloviking / 12 Nov 3304
Trucking Up Teide

"...ahem...Vice Admiral...sir..."

Oh good, the gopher had found me again.

I was sat in Lorenz Station over in Toromona. Had to visit a Factor thanks to an...unfortunate discussion with a surface turret and a Vulture whilst dealing with a wanted felon on Teide A before I'd raced the Truckers to the top of the mountain. To be fair, the Vulture should have thought about the risks involved in lazing a full-MC corvette.

"What is it you want this time? And I told you, I'm the Dayglo Viking. You can knock that Fed rank stuff on the head."

"Ah...yes...sorry Vi...Viking Sir. It's just, Lord Alvin is compiling a full accounting of Trucker Activities during the Teide race and I've been sent to get your report. From you. Directly sir."

I motioned for the young lackey to take up a seat, for the barman to fetch some more drinks, and that this was coming out of the boy's credslip. He wants a story, he is paying for it.

I told him how I had been taken off combat patrol duty in Hutton Space to join in the Teide Climb. I'd brought along 4 SRVs just in case. A group of Truckers were down on Sol, performing a very old-fashioned method of exploration of the original Teide for research purposes involving "hearing dogs" and "special effects." Meanwhile, we would be out there carrying out a very accurate mapping action on a lump of rock on Teide A. Someone back on Hutton must have been sniffing the fumes from Cubicle 3 again, but suggestions are orders when it comes to Lord Alvin's barks. I saw what happened to that trader's leg who was insisting he should get a 'Conda at the Orbital.

I told him how I'd pointed uphill and gunned the drives on the Purple Wonder after dismissing the Endeavour. Turns out, the view can be deceptive, and another Trucker in a Krait had handily used his lights to correct my course, how the self-repair system had stopped me from trying to breath vacuum more than once, and that flying sideways up a mountain side can be disorienting.

I showed the holofac image of us at the top, and he wondered if it wasn't wasteful to discharge 5 chaff banks simultaneously when another Trucker had crested the peak. Goes to show he's still not cut out to be promoted above gopher yet.

"Vice...Viking sir, it's just the following hours...you were then Away From Kontrols for several hours. What, I mean what you do in your ship is your choice of course, but what were you doing then if I can ask?"

This was the reason why I was sat in the zero-G bar at Lorenz.

"Seems to me, kid, that the Sol-Trucker-Team deserved some spiritual support. Y'see, I've got a centrifuge gym fitted in the larger ships. Costs me rack space in the hold but that's how comes I am still svelt and good to look at. The guys down on Sol had a 65km path, so I was down in the hold wheeling my own 65km. Truth is, I feel sorry for those guys, they had to deal with the atmo back on Terra, and word is someone stole a pair of my socks. Someone even suggested Cecil was seen out of the pool Type 9..."
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