Logbook entry

Bes'uliik / 12 Nov 3304
Apparently, I Was Wrong

CMDR Bes'uliik, Interstellar Log: 3304-11-12

God damn my pessimism, damn it to Hell. I reached the location detailed by the tip-off, and some firsts occurred for me. First, I saw a Chieftain about a kilometer off the crash site. Armed, which prompts me to believe that no accident took place for this crash site. It would explain the Vulture looking for bounties in a remote region as well. The second new experience was that there was a live person a few meters off the crash site, but in my pessimism I had not outfitted the Del Estrellas with a cargo rack. I was kicking myself in the ass as I watched the Chieftain from a distance. I had to weigh my options. I took off, re-outfitted and returned to find the Chieftain gone, and miraculously the escape pod intact.

Now for the bad news: I managed to retrieve the final transmission just before the ship impacted the planet. Six crew members, all of which managed to jettison. This first pod is likely the sibling of the person who tipped me off, and likely the commander in charge of the ship's operations. But now what do I do? Though this planet is smaller than Earth, it will take an extreme amount of time to try to track down the remaining five pods. I came across several POIs during my initial search for the crash, but I can't guarantee anything. I'm currently sitting in the Del Estrellas now, considering my options. I have time though. Not like anyone else is gonna be out here looking for trouble.

Signing out.
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