Logbook entry

Raumfahrer Spiff / 13 Nov 3304

I have a story I have to confess: I was just at Robigo, turning in the last passenger manifest of my engi-mat grind and ended up kind of racing a Python to the station in SC, knowing that whoever got there first wouldn't have to wait outside like a dink. I pulled a couple tricks and dropped seconds before him to get in and request. It was a small but giddy victory.  I clear up my business quick, to not hog the pad too long. As I launch, I send him a quick comm with a greeting and thanks for the sprint. He's right in front of of me so I boost dip under him with an o7 and on my way, all cool and slick-like.                          

Then, a cool 10km away, I notice I don't have enough fuel to jump back to Ceos for my fuel scoop to get back to the bubble... Did I turn around and hang my head in shame as this other CMDR sees me waiting for him for whatever I forgot? No.. I selected the nearby planetary outpost and sheepishly made my way behind the planet to hide my shame.            


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